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The Root of Canine Chaos

The Root of Canine Chaos

  • August 27, 2023
  • by

Let’s pull back the curtain and have an unfiltered conversation. I’m a dog behaviorist working from the shadows, and what I’ve seen has reinforced one undeniable truth: when it comes to the turmoil in our dogs’ lives, the blame rarely lies at their paws – it’s us, the humans, orchestrating the pandemonium.

Yes, there are instances of true canine aggression rooted in their genetics, but more often than not, it’s our erratic discipline and inconsistent reactions that take minor issues and magnify them into monumental predicaments. That dog you think is trying to stage a global takeover? In reality, it’s probably just reacting to the mixed signals you’re sending as its increasingly frustrated owner.

From incessant yelling to sporadic reinforcement of behavior, we’re sending confusing cues that leave our dogs baffled and anxious. Let’s not point fingers at them; let’s have the courage to point them squarely at ourselves. The first step towards a harmonious partnership is admitting our role in the chaos.

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